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Martial arts software for busy school owners!

Accept 7c41a20ddc6e0a579a5289b73e13b364efbecafa333a94914845230ea4c462f7 Manage Students - Belts, testings, promotions, payments, notes, tasks, follow-ups, leads, sales, referrals and more!

Accept 7c41a20ddc6e0a579a5289b73e13b364efbecafa333a94914845230ea4c462f7 Track Attendance - Boost your retention, attendance and testing percentage with the easiest attendance tracker in the industry.

Accept 7c41a20ddc6e0a579a5289b73e13b364efbecafa333a94914845230ea4c462f7 Get Paid on Time - Track payments, outstanding balances and point-of-sale purchases. Never let money slip through the cracks!

Accept 7c41a20ddc6e0a579a5289b73e13b364efbecafa333a94914845230ea4c462f7 Email Blast - Upcoming event? Fire off an email to your entire student base with one click! Keep everybody in the loop.

Accept 7c41a20ddc6e0a579a5289b73e13b364efbecafa333a94914845230ea4c462f7 Power Marketing - Market leads, prospects, trials, sales and track enrollments through every step of the sales process.

Accept 7c41a20ddc6e0a579a5289b73e13b364efbecafa333a94914845230ea4c462f7 School Health - See your critical numbers at a glance: active students, current enrollments, attendance, payments and more!


Lock f87ceb8a13428dade1912a1af11f75431b5bc9f62fff5a743a04978cbb9e2546100% Web-based and Secure.

Nothing to install. Works for PC or Mac.

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What makes Studentbase so different from other martial arts school management software? Count the ways:

  1. Affordable - You could pay hundreds a month for CRM software that tracks your leads and customers with integrated email marketing. Not with Studentbase - plans start at just $24 per month. We also offer a free plan which never expires. If you're skeptical, give it a try and see how well Studentbase works for yourself!

  2. 100% Web-based - You can use Studentbase on a PC or a Mac. Best of all, since it's web-based martial arts software, you don't need to install anything. This also means you can access your student data anywhere: at home, at a tournament, out of town at a seminar, wherever!

  3. Independent - We're NOT affiliated with any martial arts billing company and you do NOT need to use a billing company to use Studentbase. Studentbase is a 100% independent martial arts school manager.

  4. Simple - you don't have to enter a million preferences or "user options" to get going. Click the signup button, enter your info and start managing your martial arts school billing, students, attendance, testings and more!

  5. Easy to Use - Studentbase was designed from the ground up to be easy to use. We know you're a martial arts instructor… not a computer or IT expert. We believe martial arts school management software should get out of your way… so you can do what you do best: teach classes and run your martial arts school.

Here's What School Owners Are Saying About Studentbase:

"This is one of the greatest tools I use in my school. The email blast is easy to use and somebody should have thought of this sooner! I don't have to manage lists and any time I have an announcement, I can shoot an email to my entire list. Super-simple to use. I would highly recommend giving Studentbase a try. You won't be sorry."
- John Castillo

"I've tried and used many other martial arts school management and billing software programs in the past. Studentbase rocks them all. It's not just a martial arts contact manager. It's a full-fledged email marketing solution WITH a built-in CRM for martial arts schools. The ease-of-use and design is what hooked me."
- Walt Jacobs

Which Types of Martial Arts Styles Use Studentbase to Manage Their Martial Arts Schools?
  • Taekwondo
  • Karate
  • Aikido
  • Kung Fu
  • Japanese Jiu-Jitsu
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • And many more!